18 de enero de 2010

I'm going crazy again.

Perfect, but terrible at the end.
All my secret wishes..
How many hours I've lost?
I need what I don't have
Unnecesary but nedless
I'm going crazy again..
And I can't wait, this isn't easy.
My body is telling me yes,
But I know that I shouldn't..
Is this real?
I'm still waiting for that moment
But it never comes..
This is getting difficult,
I'm going crazy again..
Reality or dream?
I could wait for an eternity,
But give me my price.
I'm not really here,
But no one notice that.
I don't know who I am anymore,
But I don't care
Just look at me, no one notice that I'm not here,
And that's ok.
Because I don't care what people think,
We are all a little bit insane,
This is getting weird..

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